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Purchase and sale of vegetable, flower and grass seeds

We offer fresh seeds of vegetables, flowers and grasses - ready for cultivation both on professional plantations and as a hobby in gardens. We sell in traditional packets with seeds, as well as in special discs and tapes made of biodegradable material, on which the seeds are placed in a continuous and optimal manner.

Usually, the most popular seeds are Polish pepper, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, cabbage and beets.

We have both packages for sowing in small farms and large packages of seeds intended for specialized large-scale sowing.

Koszyk Rolnika - an online shop with equipment and accessories for agriculture and gardening.

Our offer also includes BIO seeds.

We invite you to use our online gardening shop

Agro - Paprix

Agro-Paprix - owoce i warzywa

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