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The centre of pepper

Poland is the leader in the production of pepper, and according to current estimates, the largest area of pepper cultivation in Poland is the Radom region. The pepper harvest is approximately 40,000 tons. Such crops are generated annually by nearly 2,000 farms. According to statistics, there are about 30,000 plastic tunnels in the region. foil tunnels and they occupy an area of nearly 600 ha.

Due to the fact that pepper is a thermophilic plant in Polish climatic conditions, the cultivation of this vegaetable is difficult. For this reason, producers located in the area , have to focus on the standardization of each stage of the production process in order to ensure appropriate conditions and the highest efficiency of work focused on product safety. Production takes place under strict control so that the products meet the stringent quality requirements.

In this region there is a farm Agro-paprix - producer of pepper (as well as eggplant, pumpkin, beans, corn, zucchini and watermelon). Our products - fruit and vegetables are offered for further sale in chain stores, "for export" or for processing.

As a food producer, we are certified by GLOBAL G.A.P. All vegetables are tested for food safety for primary agricultural production.

In cooperation with Koppert, we introduce ecological solutions on our farm, aimed at reducing the use of chemicals.

Pepper seeds and gardening supplies

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