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Fruits and vegetables

Relationships with customers, suppliers and employees are the basis of our success. We have many years of cooperation with most of our contractors, therefore, even in difficult situations on the vegetable market, we understand each other, we are successful and we are able to adjust the range to common needs and production plans. Working with Agro-Paprix you can count on an honest approach to business, loyal cooperation and security of supply.

Agro - Paprix

Raw material (fruits and vegetables)

We buy and sell vegetables and fruits, such as:
- peppers
- hot pepper
- pointed pepper
- zuccini
- pumpkin
- Chinese cabbage
- eggplant
- strawberry
- sweet corn
- rhubarb
- watermelon
- cabbage
- yellow beans
- green beans

Agro - Paprix

Purchase of vegetables and fruit

We base our cooperation with suppliers of fruit and vegetables on permanent, long-term and partner relationships. We attach great importance to our values and we expect the same from our business partners, including suppliers. We buy most of the raw materials from local producers, which ensures freshness and the highest repeatable quality of the supplied raw material.

We place particular emphasis on the quality of vegetables and fruits, which is why each of the deliveries is assessed in accordance with Agro-Paprix's internal procedures and specifications.

During the control of deliveries, we conduct the necessary quality tests, and the raw material itself is stored in controlled conditions.

Agro - Paprix

Sale of vegetables and fruit

We deal with contract production of fruit and vegetables for individual orders of our clients. All products are prepared in any form agreed with the buyer and packed in packages of the size indicated by the buyer.

provide quality agreed with customers and fast order fulfillment. By working with us, you gain security of supply

Agro-Paprix - owoce i warzywa

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