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Pumpkin production

The Agro-Paprix farm is also a pumpkin producer and a dynamically developing family business. We are constantly looking for innovative solutions aimed at obtaining abundant and healthy crops. Pumpkin is a vegetable not easy to grow because it is thermophilic and sensitive to low temperatures. In its cultivation, you should avoid cold and wind. Crops should be well irrigated. Pumpkins grow well and thrive on warm nights. However, care should be taken that the temperature does not drop below 15'C. Young shoots of the plant are very sensitive to temperature fluctuations, therefore it is important to protect crops by using agrotextile. Early varieties of pumpkins are harvested at the beginning of August, about 80 days after sowing. Nevertheless, sales start at the end of summer and continue until late autumn. This is when Halloween pumpkins are usually the most popular.

Pumpkin production at the Agro-Paprix farm is the result of growing market interest in this product. We provide a comprehensive supply of pumpkins to chain stores, individual stores as well as farmers and other producers with pumpkin seeds for cultivation.

As in other areas of our cultivation, also in the production of pumpkins, all stages of the production process are standardized in order to ensure the highest possible work efficiency and product safety. Each such process is strictly controlled and our products meet the most stringent quality requirements.

As a food producer, we are certified by GLOBAL G.A.P. the implementation and compliance with which is aimed at ensuring food safety. In cooperation with Koppert, we introduce ecological solutions on our farm, aimed at reducing the use of chemicals.

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Agro - Paprix Farm - pumpkin producer

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