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Sweet corn

Sweet corn is a very universal plant - it is widely used both in the fodder industry (feeding poultry, pigs and cattle), and due to its energy value as a cultivated cereal in the food industry (crisps, flakes and flours and groats, in the production of alcohol in distilleries and breweries).

Growing corn

Growing sweet corn requires the selection of planting time and varieties. The best time to sow it is between April and May. The soil temperature during the sowing period should be above 9'C. Traditionally, we use the flowering time of the dandelion as an indicator of the start of corn sowing.

Corn producer

The Agro-Paprix farm has been known for many years as a sweet corn producer, both for the Polish and foreign markets.

Out of concern for the natural environment and care for providing consumers with the highest quality products, we have undergone GLOBAL G.A.P. certification.

In cooperation with Koppert, we introduce ecological solutions on our farm, aimed at reducing the use of chemicals.

We also produce fruits and vegetables such as:

Agro - Paprix Farm - sweet corn producer

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